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Metal Marking Punches
Applications   Features
Low stress marking : Dotted Stamps
Concave/Convex Stamps
Stamps for marking through machines
Graduation marking Stamps
Flat faced Stamps for Pharma application
Made from high grade TOOL Steel
Spark-erosion process for minimum material stress
Hardened and tempered for high wear resistance and toughness
Rust protection with high quality Plating
Metal Marking Products
Interchangeable steel types
Suitable for marking on steel, Alluminium, Brass etc.
Made from high grade of steel
Ensures uniform and clear impression during marking
Suitable for hand and machine marking
Available in Alpha and Number punch with various sizes from 1 mm to 12 mm
Available in various capacity
Suitable for single line and double line marking in certain size punches
Hand Punches
Most suitable for clear and deep impression
High grade of steel ensures longer life
High quality heat treatment for better life
Available in Alpha and Number punches with various sizes from 1.6 mm to 20mm
Logo Punches
Dotted Punches
Suitable for low stress concentration
Available in Alpha and Number with various sizes